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Monday, September 23, 2002

Beaming Humming Smile

It is a BEAUTIFUL autumn day. Yes, autumn, which is the best time to live in Kentucky weather-wise, but probably the worst time to be here allergy-wise. (After all, Goldenrod is our state flower. I'm surprised it's not ragweed). The sky is a beautiful cerulean (that's one of my favourite words, next to bleak). It's just a perfect, lovely day.

Anyway, I've seen blue jays and dragonflies, bees, etc. I've sat in the warm sun on a bed of flowering bluegrass with a lovely breeze. The sound of cicadas makes everything just seem ALIVE.

I'm not crazy. I just get into nature a little more than most. ;) And, I have good reason, as you'll see below:

I'd forgotten how utterly piled up the library is until I came in this morning. We had a library committee meeting this afternoon, and they basically want everything we don't use much to go, because, after all, we can "get it easily anyway, and they're probably scanning in this stuff like mad". They? They who? Um...no. Even libraries have better things to do than scan in the New England Journal of Medicine back to the Dark Ages. They also want it to go away quickly, so they can get the family resource centre up and running by October 1st. Have I mentioned it took me THREE WEEKS (working by myself, because I am a solo librarian and they didn't have any lifting-toting volunteers) just to tote this stuff out of the room? Sigh. If you all know of any place that would be glad to take a lot of medical journals and texts (mostly orthopaedic) and find good homes for them, let me know. I wonder if someone actually does business doing that. Maybe that's not a bad idea.

They are finally going to take the employee appreciation committee out to lunch, which is nice, since employee appreciation week was four months ago. :) But hey, I know, summer's are hard to coordinate because of vacations. It's set for Thursday at Rafferty's. I hope I can eat something. There doesn't seem to be much vegetarian on their menu, but I should be able to get roast salmon. I had originally hoped to go see Jane Goodall speak on Thursday, but I don't see how I can swing it, because it's in the middle of the day--from 1-2pm at UK's Singletary Centre for the Arts :( I have one of her books. I may try to send it with one of the girls from my gaming group who's going and see if she can get an autograph.

Well, I think that's all for now. :) Hope your day's going well, too. I have to go do DBT homework now.

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