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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

I'm free i'm free i'm free i'm free

Had an appointment with my psychiatrist this afternoon (what, you did know I was mad, didn't you? Hence the rabid librarian part!) so I got off work at 2pm. I went home, scooped up the languishing PDA that I had so cruelly left on the end table, grabbed a soda and protein bar at Walgreens, headed over to the bus stop, and ... nothing. For awhile. Now, the buses in Lexington run every hour during the off hours, but I've gotten very good at telling when they come. I was on time. It wasn't. Then a sedan drives up with an old grizzly man with a young couple in the back, and they're beckoning me over.

I have a firm rule that it's fine to give directions so long as you are at a minimum of three feet from the car at all times. No leaning into windows for me. This is actually not psycho. This is modern life. So, they're beckoning me closer and I shake my head and return to my seat. The younger guy then calls out the window -- "he is the bus, the bus broke down". Ah, of course. Turns out it was one of the route supervisors trying the help the bus driver who's bus had a flat tyre. Of course, I didn't know who the */^*&* he was. His normal van with LexTran markings was in the shop. Apparently they're hard on vehicles.

Anyway, despite initial communications issues, I'd like to thank LexTran for getting me to my doctor's appointment on time. My doctor said she understood that it was taking a risk. Fortuanately the Paxil's working--I wasn't one big ball of anxiety, but I did have a little bit of an adrenaline rush afterwards...Zabet said I probably felt like other people feel after bungee jumping--either could get you killed, and you have to put a little faith into the mix. I don't know if that's a sad commentary on my life, but I took it as encouraging.

So now I'm over at one of UK's labs, having discovered that they don't bother to password the OS 9 machines (with a very helpful supervisor who has handed me all the paperwork I need to get an account who I don't have the heart to tell that I get onto campus once a month at best, so it's really okay that the system couldn't automatically process me--since I'm not in classes, just one of those "all but dissertation" types--I'm happy, I'm online, I can read my blog that is otherwise blocked at work.)

Later this evening I'm going to meet some other librarians out at Joseph-Beth and have dinner. For now, though, I might be able to get some of the comments and links back onto this site.

That's it for now.

Weird fact of the day

American Wire Gauge sizes are inversely proportional to the size of wire, and therefore to the size of current that can be sustained; thus a 18 gauge wire is much smaller than a 10 gauge one. Who knew? (Well, a heck of a lot of you, I know, but I never got that little fact in physics, and you'd think I'd pick it up at some point, seeing as my father's an electrical engineer/radio buff, etc. I mean, I know how long it takes two people to put up a fifty-foot radio tower in the backyard, and most people don't know that). This is what comes of looking up things for theatre majors.

What I'm doing in my free time

Reading Darkover--yes, I, the phantasy geek, never did--although I enjoyed House Between the Worlds and Mists of Avalon when I was younger. I'm through Darkover Landfall and starting Stormqueen!. And yes, Patrick, I'm still working on the Simarillion. Also have some new Lovecraft books, have checked out a Manly Wade Wellman, and found a used copy of The Man Who Fell to Earth, which was set in Kentucky before they made a movie with David Bowie out of it. Listening to lots of Loreena McKinnit with some Depeche Mode, Enrique Inglesias, and Ace of Base thrown in. Yes, I know, I'm not right. Watching baby mollies in the fish tank grow. Curling up with the dog and cats. Pining for someone to play Scrabble with other than my PDA. Preparing to watch Dinotopia with D next Saturday (it was my birthday gift to him). All in all, pretty normal. :)

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