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Saturday, January 07, 2006

To summarise:

  • was a good hair day,
  • was a long shift at the gas station (10 hours)
  • was beautifully, deceptively sunny
  • with a cold, cold wind

I spent today

  • selling cigarettes to blot my karma
  • teaching children about money
  • hungry
  • assuring a coworker from the hospital that I still worked there
  • answering the same question (what happened to your window?--and before anyone asks here, someone accidentally put their truck in drive rather than reverse and crashed into the station, shattering a door and window) over and over again

I'm glad

  • to be finally home
  • to be finally free
  • that I'm through with job #3 for the week
  • that I have the game to look forward to tomorrow
  • that I have a warm home and food
  • that I have access to the Internet

So how was your day?

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