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Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm okay

Apparently I came through the anaesthesia with flying colours, as it didn't make me sick or anything. One moment I was breathing oxygen and had a little burning sensation in my IV, the next moment I was awake and not groggy at all. My only complaint really is that I was told to be there at 9:30, they didn't expect me until 11, and the surgery wasn't until nearly one. The pre-op area ran very smoothly otherwise, although D said that downstairs they were very disorganised. They tried to get her to fill out paperwork that I had already done the day before, for example. I had gone through pre-admission to avoid that sort of thing.

I'm swollen up with cheeks like a chipmunk. I've been sleeping a lot. I took one darvocet but otherwise I've just had the ibuprofen they prescribed for the swelling, because there really hasn't been any bad pain. I'm eating applesauce and pudding and sherbet. The sherbet especially feels good to my throat where I was intubated. I have some baby food and mashed potatoes, too, so I'm set.

I'd like to get up and do some things tomorrow, but so far I've just slept, slept, slept. Oh, well. I probably needed the rest, and now more than ever. I'll write soon. 'Night.

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