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Monday, January 16, 2006

The nice weather is back

Listening to: 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree' by KT Tunstall

It was in the 50s today, and sunny, which made for a pleasant afternoon. My laundry is drying and I'm finished with everything except for the floors, the next thing on my list. I may see about doing those and adding some water to the aquarium, which is a little low.

I spent about a half an hour in the easy chair with Darius curled up on my chest having my back massaged by a heating cushion (the same thing I gave my stepfather for Christmas; I went back and got one for myself, since the price was so good). That was nice; I listened to music and almost fell asleep, although not quite, which was good, as I had to go switch the laundry from the washers to the dryers. I miss having a washer and dryer in my apartment (I had one of those stackable models), but at least these days I mostly do laundry over at some friends' house; today was laundry day over there, though, and I so need clothes for tomorrow. Fortunately the three cheques from last week mean I'm in pretty good financial shape, so $5 in quarters were no problem.

In addition to the cushion, I made another purchase, a light fixture for my aquarium. My poor fish have been in the dark for months. My betta is acting like he's got a swim bladder issue, but the others are all fine (Goldfish survive just about anything; hence the reason for having them, along with the fact that they're supposed to be lucky, but mainly because I love watching the goldfish at my psychiatrist's office, so I got some (smaller) ones for myself. I usually raise swordtails and mollies, but I haven't done that in a year or two.)

I scanned my computer for spyware and caught 30 of them. I think that's why my computer seemed a little slow. That and I'm trying to run BOINC (the Seti@Home program) but it tends to hang up, at least the screensaver part of the application. I've disabled the screensaver and am just letting it do its thing in the background instead. Hopefully, that will help.

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