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Monday, January 23, 2006

An interesting art project, a fascinating result

You’ve Got Confessions, a story from Newsweek, and the related blog, also at PostSecret.com.

Additionally, some of the proceeds from the resulting book go to help support 1.800.SUICIDE, the national Hope Line that connects people in crisis with local suicide prevention counselors, a worthy cause. It was founded by a man whose wife committed suicide in 1998. Until it was set up, there was no national means of accessing the local infrastructure of crisis centres. Her memory lives on through the work of this organisation, and the story is quite touching. The connexion? Some postcards relate to suicide attempts or ideation, or express going to the brink of suicide and things that kept them alive.

Oddly enough, I was pointed to this on a library list, because two of this week's postcards have library-related themes. But I can see why this is the third most popular blog on the Internet...it's the ultimate look into what makes up humanity, both the joys and sorrows, the beautiful and disturbing. As someone touched by depression, had suicidal thoughts, and who has had suicidal people in her life (thankfully, so far, none have died), that aspect of all this is very close to my heart as well. I'll link to the Hopeline from this blog, too, just in case some reader needs to talk to someone. I hope that it won't be necessary, but you never know.

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