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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This is scary--a recall of dog food that contains a deadly toxin

YKWIA called me this morning after watching a news spot on the following:

The company, Diamond Foods, recalled the food back on December 20th but many pet owners have not received the word. 19 varieties of the pet food are implicated, causing liver damage and death in about 70% of the of the dogs who get sick. Some cat food was implicated as well, but cats seem to be more tolerant of the toxin. In dogs who survive, there may be lifelong liver problems and an increased chance for liver cancer. The company has apparently agreed to reimburse vet costs for several of the families (and rightly so--it should with all of them), but that can't bring back a beloved pet who died needlessly. Ironically, the first symptom is a lack of appetite, with owners doctoring the food with gravy or other enticements to get them to eat. It's just horrible. If this were happening to humans, it would be all over the news, but as it was, I had to search for it after being called by a friend after he heard it on a morning news show. Thankfully, our dogs are okay. It's not a brand I'm familiar with and I'm not sure it's available in Lexington, but I'm posting it here in case any of you reading might have animals and get this food. There's a diamond logo on the packaging. For more information, check the company website set up to deal with the crisis. I will say I'm impressed by the website, which offers the necessary information, media updates, and a form to claim help from Diamond. Read these for more info.

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