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Saturday, January 14, 2006

After several days of warm temperatures

tonight it's snowing. Ah, Kentucky weather; if you don't like it, just wait a bit. It went from 54 degrees today to an expected high of 38 tomorrow, with about an inch accumulating. The rain came first, of course, and with it a dreary, dark grey evening with lots of reflections on the road. I very nearly hit someone who was crossing the street against the light; his clothing melded into the muddiness of the background. Fortunately my passenger saw him and warned me. He seemed clueless as to how close I came to ploughing into him; I have to admit it left me shaking inside. I don't know how I would have reacted if I'd actually hit him. The only thing I've ever hit with a car was a cat, which died, and I went hysterical for about forty-five minutes with that. I can't imagine hitting a person, yet it would have been so easy today to have done precisely that, and in a moment everything would have changed. Fortunately and thankfully nothing bad happened, though, and somewhere there is a clueless guy out there no doubt wandering in work boots and khakis who very nearly had a nasty turn of fate, all because he chose to cross at a red light in murky near-darkness, and I was having trouble finding the intersection, much less seeing him--not the brightest thing to do when trying to get across Broadway at Lane Allen Road, although technically I suppose the fault would have lain with me, as the driver of the vehicle, since it's my job to not hit things. Anyway, whew.

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