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Thursday, January 19, 2006

This juggling three jobs is taking a bit of a toll

I came home from job #1, let job #2 know I wouldn't be in, but did go ahead and check that the publish request I made yesterday went through, so I worked about 15 minutes (and will some more tonight), and then a half hour from now I have to be at job #3. I'm getting a lot accomplished at all three, though, so that's good. Plus, I got paid at job #1 and still have about $80 from the last round of cheques, and job #3's pay should be in sometime between now and Monday. I need to pay my electric, make a payment on a debt, pay the oral surgeon my part of the bill for next week's surgery, pay the bank some of the back money I owe, and get some groceries. Oh, and try and save some of it for the next round of rent so I don't have to use my whole paycheque for that at the beginning of next month. This would all be easier if my bank account were in order, but that won't happen until *hopefully* next month. Still, it's progress.

On another note, it's 61 degrees outside. In January. The day after snow...in other words, typical bizarre Kentucky weather. I'm waiting for a huge blizzard or ice storm late in the season; it tends to happen when we have an otherwise mild winter.

I'm also being annoyed by the broken tooth that's supposed to come out along with my wisdom teeth next week. It's loose, but not enough to come out on it's own, just enough to annoy. At least they shouldn't have any trouble getting it out. Gee, even my teeth are stubborn.

Well,I should probably eat something before I go in to work and take Cerys outside, since I'll be there 6 hours. Write to you later.

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