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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sorry about being incommunicado

Monday I spent most of the day in bed with a serious fibromyalgia flare up. The temperature had risen 30 degrees suddenly and the weather was cloudy, and I ached all over terribly and felt awful. I'm not complaining, though; I've had it for years and it only hits me at times like that--sudden temperature changes. I've missed work only about four times in nearly 13 years due to it; a lot of people are completely disabled by it. As long as I remain fairly active, the pain remains chronic but low-key. Tuesday I managed to get in to work despite a plunge in temperature; once my body had adjusted, the change was easier to deal with.

Yesterday I brought home my holiday present to myself, an external hard drive purchased so that I can move from Windows XP to Windows 7 (you can apparently not just upgrade, but have to do a clean install, unlike going from Vista to Windows 7). It was on backorder for several days and only arrived then. I've got things backed up but I'm going to wait until Saturday to attempt the procedure because by then I'll have the notes from the game transcribed and more time to deal with any issues as they arise. Also, I was pretty tired from doing a 12-hour day including truck. We got new uniforms; they're bright blue and black, but clingy, so I haven't decided how I like the change. Definitely I'm glad to pitch the maroon, though.

Tonight I came home from work and went straight to finding a present for my mother for the holiday. I knew what I wanted. It won't make it there in time for Christmas, but it should come a couple days after. It really was perfect though, and it was 73% off from the original price, something I couldn't guarantee would remain in effect if I'd wanted to get it for Mother's Day, etc. I think she'll really enjoy it. I did ship it directly to her. I got it through Amazon (I also found pants that might work for the gas station there, but I'm holding off on them until the Great Shopping Trip of 2009 this Saturday, when I'll troll through Hamburg's various shops the whole day.

Tonight I got a request for another PaperbackSwap book, so I've just printed the wrapper for it and am going to take it in, bubble envelope and all, and mail it from work tomorrow (they let us pay the postage for personal items and get a metered sticker; if I used stamps I'd have to mail it from the post office, I think, or at least some of them that are over a certain weight). I've got two coming to me, and one is a bit overdue, no doubt due to holiday shipping.

I got my bonus today at the gas station. Gross it was almost as much as what I netted for my regular pay. This next week will have fewer hours on it because I'm off Saturday for my hunting, um, shopping.

The thing with the double charge worked out okay. The store worked from their end, the bank worked from theirs, and I wound up with $0.74 in my account, then got paid the next morning, so it worked out well. My pay from the hospital should have hit the account already, too, tonight, so I've got a healthy balance, even with the purchase of my mom's gift.

The other day I went over to a friend's house and made him potato and cheese (separate, not together) latkes for Chanukah. They were great, we ate, and were stuffed. Although there was a rocky moment at one point, it was a great evening. We spent a lot of time visiting and watched five episodes of the 'Sarah Jane Adventures' that he'd gotten on DVD. I would love to have a picture of the chanukiyah alight, but my camera doesn't distinguish between the flames, but puts it all into one bright ball.

Well, that's enough for now. Time to go back to bed. I have to go to the pharmacy tomorrow on the way to work. Then I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon. I'm hoping afterwards to go out with a couple of girl friends to eat and visit; I haven't seen one since the summer, as both our cars were down. Hers is fixed now, thankfully. I don't get a chance to have girl time very often; my closest friends are men.

Good night.

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