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Friday, December 04, 2009

That's one scary individual on the loose

Shake-up eyed after inmate in wheelchair escapes on foot

The prisoner had supposedly suffered paralysis from a stroke and was being transferred to another facility so he could be treated. Guards failed to pat him down before shackling him, and he apparently pulled a gun and fled on foot after taking one guard's uniform and both guards' guns, no small feat for a man supposedly shackled.

His record?
Comeaux's criminal record dates back more than three decades. In 1979, he received three 10-year sentences for rape of a child, aggravated rape of a child and burglary of a building with the intent to commit theft, all in Harris County.

He was released on mandatory supervision in 1983, but he was returned to prison in 1984 after being convicted of indecency with a child and sentenced to 20 years.

In June 1991, he was released on mandatory supervision but returned as a violator four months later. Paroled in December 1993, he was returned as a parole violator a year later. In February 1996, he was again paroled but was returned to prison in June 1998 with a life sentence for aggravated sexual assault.

Though he had been in prison ever since, his criminal record didn't end. In July 1999, he used his wheelchair to pin his wife against a wall during a contact visit and stabbed her 17 times with a homemade knife, Moriarty said. He also stabbed another prison visitor who tried to intervene; both victims survived.
So he's a sexual predator of children who's got the guards' guns and is on the loose, plus he's sneaky enough to hoodwink the prison system in pretending to be paralysed and in obtaining a gun whilst in prison. I so hope they catch him soon. Being Texas, I presume they will. They tend to take crime very seriously there.

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