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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tomorrow I'm off from both jobs

My agenda:
  1. Pay my rent. (Since the bank will be closed on Friday and I get paid on Thursday.) [Well, I got my money order but will pay it when they're in the office and can give me a proper receipt.]
  2. Go over to a friend's and watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on DVD (I haven't seen it yet.) [That I did, and enjoyed it thoroughly.]
  3. Come home before dark. [It was after dark, but not too late.]
  4. Do laundry. [That'll have to wait for Saturday.]
  5. Work on notes. [I crashed due to the insomnia the night before.]
  6. Watch the ball drop in New York on TV. [I woke up just in time to see the new year's sign light up after the ball got to the bottom.]
  7. Wish some friends Happy New Year. [That I managed to do, although I was freaking over not getting things done, so I think they were amused.]
  8. Sleep. [Yes, although not enough to fully catch up.]
On New Year's Day itself:
  1. Sleep in a bit. [Yes.]
  2. Work on notes. [Yes--that night, not during the day as I'd planned.]
  3. Clean up the kitchen and take out the trash. [Hah! That'll have to wait until Saturday evening.]
  4. Listen to U2's 'New Year's Day' on YouTube [and probably 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' just because I like classic U2]. [Indeed.]
  5. Go nowhere until work. (The buses don't run that day.) [True.]
  6. Work at double-time pay that evening. [Plus 1 1/2 extra hours.]
On Saturday:
  1. Work early.
  2. Do a quick straightening up and maybe wipe down the bathroom (there's a little soap scum on the sink under the dispenser).
  3. Clean out some of the duckweed in the aquarium and add some water.
  4. Relax since the notes will be finished.
  5. Go to bed early to get up for the game.
On Sunday:
  1. Prepare for game.
  2. Play game.
On Monday, things will return to normal and it's back to the hospital, but in a new (and hopefully more promising) year.

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