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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A little scary

Apparently when I was working at the store today a restaurant down the road from us was robbed. He was able to get money from their safe and fled.

The same scenario at our place would be unlikely, as our safe is time-released, and generally there is no one in the evening who can even get into it--and that's our change safe, so there's mostly rolled change in it. Only a security company can get into the main safe. Our registers keep little money in them (which is why I get annoyed by people who think we are a bank when it says plainly on the counters that $50s and $100s are not kept in the register).

All of this, plus a policy of cooperation, should make me feel safer. But people desperate enough to pull a gun on a clerk are unpredictable. A few years ago a pregnant attendant was nearly killed on Christmas Eve and miraculously survived. And there was also the case of the young woman who on her very last shift at her job was shot in the back and killed as the clerks were being rounded up and put into the cooler.

The description given in this case was not particularly useful--white guy, black hoodie, jeans, and white gloves, with a silver handgun. I hope he's caught soon, and in the mean time that he stays far from us.

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