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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ho, ho, munch?

YKWIA, do not go to this link: Spiders Decorate Webs with Ornaments. Not surprising, there are pictures of what some might term our eight-legged friends and you would term abominations. :)

Scientists have discovered that orb spiders will weave in bits of brightly-coloured or shimmering materials to draw prey into the web. They also use the petals, leaves, etc. as a means to hide better in the web.

There's another story on spiders, linked as a video on the page: 'The longer a male Australian redback spider woos the female, the better chance she won't eat him the first time they mate.'

I like that. It sounds like it could equally apply to men and women. Of course, I like spiders. I even seem to attract them, which is unfortunate, as I am surrounded by arachnophobes. :)

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