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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Speaking of U2

I remember hearing this song on the radio during my divorce--although it had been out for four years--and at the time it really caught the conflict I had going on inside. I knew leaving was the best thing to do, but I was leaving the only relationship I'd ever had, one that had lasted 6 years, and that was hard, especially as I had given my self away, literally, and was trying to find my own personality and way again.

Thanks for helping me through the pain, guys.

Speaking of the divorce, there was one song and one scene in a movie that really gave me the epiphany I needed to leave, because I realised I was not in love and it never would be like this with that person:

I don't know why I'm thinking about it now--I left 18 years ago this month, but I guess it was an ending, and a beginning, much like the year's end and the new year. It was the best decision of my life, though, and my life is much richer for it.

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