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Thursday, December 24, 2009

For Josh, my late lamented Call of Cthulhu character, killed by a shoggoth near the South Pole to save humanity

'Shoggoths Away' by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets
While on a flight one day I passed over the polar city
And curious zipped down to see what I could glean
Behold the nightmare pit that splashed with piping shapeless monsters
I packed them in the bay of my B-17

Shoggoths away
That's what I say
Shoggoths away
Hey, hey

Nobody wants my mindless iridescent protoplasms
They said to fly them out and drop them in the sea
I tried to sell them on their mimicking adaptive powers
"Why don't you get your oily tendrils offa me?"

Shoggoths away
Today's the day
Shoggoths away
Hey, hey

Yes they can form and unform countless limbs and sensing organs
Like a stomach turned inside out and salient
I picture countless plastic beasties falling from the sky and
Dropping like sacks of wet cement

Yes, this is a real song and a real band, named for a line in one of the first HP Lovecraft stories I ever read, 'The Tomb', and which does Lovecraftian-inspired music. The band is from British Columbia and has several albums available from Amazon, where you can preview their music, including the one above. Go to their official site for more.

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