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Friday, December 04, 2009

Today is jeans day at the hospital

and I have some khaki ones given to me by Teressa the other day, so I decided to try them on. They fit, but they're not loose, although like most jeans they'll do so during the day. I'm wondering if they'd pass muster for work tonight; we're not supposed to wear jeans but these really don't look like they are. We have to wear khaki or black pants. Still, I'm bringing an extra pair of pants just to be sure.

Yesterday I went back to Gabriel Brothers and got a top (which I'm wearing today), a skirt, a hat (which some people have complimented but my friend says makes me look like a bag lady; but I can't wear stretchy toboggans--I need something like fleece or wool that has a brim or I look absolutely silly, because the things won't stay on my head), and gloves. The skirt is absolutely beautiful, and very much my style: a broomstick style with purple satin and velvet swatches sewn together. It was $10. Everything was $20. It's so nice to be able to actually shop for clothes once in awhile, even if I get them on the cheap. Now if I can just find some black pants for work; I really hate wearing khaki--there's too much chance of staining, especially when dumping coffee.

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