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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Monday morning

I was putting my bags together to take to work, and I was startled by something going by the window. I grabbed my phone and carefully went outside and looked for the unexpected visitor, and snapped some quick photos before she went around the building.

Sorry for the quality--these are cropped pictures that were taken at first light and so they could be better. But I think you can see the deer pretty well. I live in town, but near a reservoir, creek, marsh, and a small wood. So I guess it's not all that surprising that you'd find deer here. I've written before of how I once saw two young ones running by the church at Man O'War and Beaver Creek, which is not that far away. But this one actually ambled slowly by my living room windows, which are lower than the parking lot. Later, on my way to a friend's house to pick him up for work, I had to use my anti-lock brakes when a duck waddled into the road. She was in no hurry to leave, but I drove around her. So it was a wildlife sort of day. :)

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