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Thursday, June 29, 2017

I was quietly, slightly, just-a-little-bit miserable yesterday evening

because of what I had originally thought to be allergies which bloomed quickly into a full-blown crud, causing me to fall asleep within a half an hour after getting back from visiting with YKWIA and helping him with some things. I felt warm, my head had a lot of pressure, and my throat and ears ached. I was more tired than usual, too. But today it's been a raging cold, even with some Stahist, which is the only cold medicine I had (but I went to the store after work and got some 12-hour maximum strength Mucinex). I have been blowing my nose and consequently using hand sanitizer all day. The sheer amount of mucous coming out of my nose astounds me. It's a little yellow, so I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection, too, and there's so much pressure built up in my sinuses that I feel like my head is about 10 times the size it should be. Unfortunately, YKWIA now has it as well--and he'd just about gotten over bronchitis that we each got right before I started working at the hospital again. Now that I'm working with the public again I am more likely to get sick and consequently spread it to him. I could go to the doctor, who would put me on steroids and give me some doxycycline, but most likely it's viral anyway, although the steroids could help. But it's not down in my chest, so I'm thinking the Stahist (an antihistamine) and the Mucinex (an expectorant) are enough with which to start, and save the steroids for helping with breathing should it travel down to my lungs.

Just before work ended yesterday, my boss asked me to come into her office. She wanted to talk to me because the job I applied for, a full-time position, which has not been officially approved by corporate as of yet, was one in which she would prefer to have someone with years of scheduling experience instead of the months I have, who can do the breadth of what is needed for the department. However, there was a PRN position which basically is the same as what I'm doing, and she offered it to me although I'd originally been sceptical of that one. But it is fully approved, would pay about the same as the full-time position, and while she couldn't guarantee a certain number of hours, we are so busy and most likely will continue to be, especially during trauma season, so I'd probably be able to get about 30-35 hours in a week, with a minimum of maybe 24. That would work with my appointments and job search, and she realises that I would, indeed, leave for a full-time library position. I ran the numbers last night, based on the salary range for the other job, which I knew, and it would be very tight, but depending on how many hours, the rate, and the deductions, it was worth taking, and it would certainly be better than another four-and-half limited months of unemployment. The main drawback to it, versus the other position, was that I figured there would be no benefits, so I'd have to pay about $750 a month from savings for medical and dental.

However, today I asked about the salary range (it was pretty much the same as the other) and how it would affect COBRA. Turns out, I would be benefit eligible. I could get medical, dental, and vision at the somewhat higher part-time rate, but it would be much cheaper than COBRA. I would be a new employee again, so I'd have to start over as far as the deductible and out-of-pocket maximum goes, but the insurance at the hospital is very good. Our deductible is only $150 and our out-of-pocket max is only $1500. This is why some people work there for years part-time solely for the benefits. Given this information, I decided to accept the offer. The main hurdle is that they will have to write a justification for hiring me after laying me off, but they don't anticipate that being a problem since the job is desperately needed and I've been filling in as a contractor.

Anyway, she was going to notify human resources and start the ball rolling. It does mean less money, but might be a good bridge while I'm looking for full-time work as a librarian. Of course, that's what I thought of my old job to some degree, and it lasted 20 years. :)

I feel good about the decision. I think as long as I am very careful with my money, I can live on the wages. Also, I do have some of my severance left, enough to take care of those medical expenses and still have enough to supplement for awhile. So we'll see.

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