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Thursday, June 01, 2017

I kicked butt today

First, I think I handled the normal busy pace at work well and any of the weird stuff that crops up, too. Then I went to pulmonary rehab and went up to a 39 on the inhaling resistance gizmo (it only goes to 42, I think), 2750 on the spirometer, and 45 seconds on the pursed breathing, my best yet for any of them. They put me on a heart monitor while I exercised to see if my heart remained normal in response, with the idea that when I'm exercising on my own I have an idea for how high to get my heart rate up. The good news is that my workout was at higher watts, higher resistance, and more duration than normal on the Nu-Step, the bike, and the hand bike (I did treadmill for cool down), and my heart responded exactly as it should, going back down to normal within two minutes of exercise cessation at each piece of equipment. She said I should be safe going up to 120-130 beats per minute, so I have that as a goal. The equipment takes heart rate, as does my phone, which also takes the oxygen level. So I'm set to work out on my own. Also, although technically I have four more visits approved, I'm going to cut that down to Tuesday being my last day, my fifteenth visit, so that it will work better with the schedule and coverage at the hospital. I think graduating early is okay in my case--I don't have COPD, and I'm doing much better. Anyway, that's the plan. I got one planned for Tuesday approved to make up for this Tuesday.

After rehab I took YKWIA to a couple of doctors' offices he goes to using the bus route and pointed out the correct stops. He's going to have to go on his own. Then I took him by the grocery for a quick stop and looked up the bus times for his appointment. Now I'm home, I've eaten, and I'm looking at how much needs to be done around here, none of which I really have any energy for at the moment. I'm going to try to rest for a little while and then tackle things. Barring that, I'll see about getting up early and doing what needs to be done before work. We'll see how successful I am in that endeavour. :)

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