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Friday, June 30, 2017

With much effort

after being in bed almost all day except for occasional foraging for food, I got up and showered, got on some comfortable yet clean clothes, and went over to YKWIA's for a small shopping list and went to the store so we'd both have food while we fight off this cold. He is not happy I brought a plague into the house. Also, we called Brenda and told her about the plague. She's having some sinus issues, but we're actually contagious, I think and feel crappy, so he called off the game. Brenda has a possible conflict next week so we won't play for two. We've generally been consistent, with just a few hiatuses. This week actually marks the 26th anniversary of the weekly Call of Cthulhu game that we've been playing continuously. It's an interactive story that just has kept going on. We've been raising kids, fighting Cthulhoid monsters, surviving attacks from warlocks and witch hunters, occasionally going mad, that sort of thing. The kids are actually the toughest part. I do love the game. I am, however, not going to do the game notes tonight. I'm going back to bed for awhile. I'm so tired.

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