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Monday, March 05, 2012

Winter's last hurrah?

So on Friday, while we were all hoping that we wouldn't be blown away by the storms, it was in the 70s temperature-wise. It has snowed very little this winter, maybe a half-inch to an inch a couple times, three inches maybe once. So after the tumultuous warm weather, what do you expect if you live in Kentucky?

SNOW! Yep, because we have our share of odd weather. And it apparently snowed something like six inches (I'm not sure what the official count was, but a co-worker told me that's what she saw on the news, and it jives with my experience.)

I took this picture of our courtyard at work, which shows the snow we received. The neighbourhood kids came out in droves with sleds and snowboards to play on our hills; we watched them out of the dining room window, and they were still going when I was down at the bus stop. I wonder what will happen when the hospital moves, if they'll still be allowed to do that? There were plenty of dogs out, too. I remember how much my dog Cerys loved to plough through the snow. :) I wonder what the puppy thought of it. :)

Anyway, it's supposed to warm up again this week, so this stuff will all go away soon. But it was nearly the perfect snow--heavy, wet, perfect for snowballs and snowmen, not terribly slick on the roads, and just enough of it to enjoy it and no more. So thanks, Mother Nature, we had a good snow, finally, and now can we move on to spring (but without any more tornadoes, please?)

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