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Saturday, March 03, 2012

So after all the excitement, I fell asleep (not surprisingly)

but I'm up now, checking on the reports. So far the death toll is at 27 for the region, with 85 tornadoes reported. Somehow I think those numbers will go up. And at least a couple of towns (one in Indiana, one here in Kentucky) are reportedly essentially gone, although in the latter case there's still not a lot of official assessment. State officials did lose contact with the town, West Liberty (I've always wondered about that name, as it is northeast of and in an entirely different county than Liberty) and have sent in the National Guard plus rescue teams.

The storms were so fast, they went through my area very quickly, and we only had one tornado warning here in Lexington, while other areas were pounded over and over. But I'm glad I came home when I did, or I would probably have been trapped at work for about two hours after my shift. Tomorrow, by the light of day, we'll know more about damage throughout the area.

The scary thing is that we're just at the beginning of March. What a way to open storm season. Take care out there.

I'm going to go back to bed. The idea is to get up in the wee hours and do game notes and maybe some laundry. I have to stop by work for a bit tomorrow and go help with some things at my friends' house, too, so it'll be busy. Good night.

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