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Monday, March 19, 2012

A very long weekend

And I enjoyed myself, but man, am I tired. I made two mistakes in my data entry in one day. Up till then I had three out of thousands of entries. I am really considering going to bed, without even going through the charade of lying down for a short nap.

Saturday I dog-sat for my friends, who were out of town. Everything went fine. The puppy sat on my feet twice and went to sleep, and there were no accidents in the house. It's always good when you can return the animals fully intact and happy.

I cleaned the house while I was at it, meaning I didn't have to get up early Sunday and do it before the game. I did have to do a bit that was left of the notes and go to the grocery, though, so I got there a little before 1 pm. We played the game until 11 pm (I think it was for nearly seven hours). In it we were kidnapped by narrow creepy straw people, and my character lost an eye in the attempt to break free. So I'm essentially out of the investigation, at least for now, and Brenda's character was off checking a lead when the three non-player characters decided to pursue another, so I'm not sure how things are going to work out next week. I came home and was in bed and asleep within 10 minutes, I think, even though I was not up before dawn and had had the equivalent of a 2 litre of caffeinated soda.

I had an awful time getting up this morning but managed to get to the bus on time. I'm really looking forward to morning sunshine again, although it's very nice to have it 7:30 pm and the sun is just going down. I've felt like I've been in a fog all day. I managed to stop by the library briefly, but now I'm just ready to prop up my feet and maybe read--or just sleep. That's sounding nice. :)

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