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Friday, December 23, 2005

Why am I up this early?

I went to bed last night around 1:30, somewhat jazzed from the English Toffee capuccinos I'd been drinking at work (all you can drink, it's a perk, no pun intended). So this morning bright and early (well, dark and early, as it was 5:30 and the sun was not in sight) I woke up raring to go. I got ready and then went out to look for the one gift I hadn't found yet. Now I just have to stop by a store where I have something on hold, pick that up, get some gift certificates there (since I'm doing both Christmas and Chanukah) and I'm finished. Go me!

So now it's just past eight and I'm blogging because I don't have to be at work until 10.

I kept things modest this year, but more robust than I can normally afford, spending a total of about $130 for thirteen gifts (eight Chanukah and five Christmas), about $55 of which was on a gift card that work had given me, so I didn't have to use a lot of cash. That's in addition to the Secret Santa, which ran about $18. Altogether, I'm happy.

I did splurge just a little this morning. Kroger had zygo cacti (Christmas cacti) for $2.99 (regular $7.99, so $5 off) and I bought one for my desk at work. It's pink and has one full bloom and a whole bunch of buds and is...well...perky.

I got paid at all three jobs yesterday. I'm keeping two of the cheques in that form until I find out whether or not I get my flexible spending debit card before the first of the year. Together they make up the $134 I need to pay for the oral surgery on the 4th of January. If I get the debit card, I can use it instead. But for now I'm saving that. I've doled out gas, phone, electric, and medicine money, too. There's some left over for groceries. The paycheque I got from the gas station was my first, for 10 hours. Last week I worked 14; this week I'm working 19. I like the idea of getting paid every week. And at least it will keep me in gas, ironically enough, plus help with rent and groceries.

I'm sleepy now. Or rather, tired but not quite sleepy, where you're both sleepy and jazzed at the same time. I probably would be a little more focussed with my Adderall, which I tried to get this morning. Turns out my doctor wrote two prescriptions (since I don't see her again until February) and the one I brought was dated for January, so I have to bring in the other one instead. Argh.

My feet hurt. I still am not used to standing for so long at the cash register. Fortunately I have a foot rest at the hospital which elevates them a little and takes the pressure off the soles. Tomorrow I work eight hours and Tuesday I work six. At least I'm getting days off in between to recuperate, and I'm off on Christmas, so I can go on home.

That's all for now. I think I'll check the news and see if there's anything blogworthy.

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