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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Good news

I just found out that due to a market survey, my grade is being changed, which means starting with the first paycheque of the year I'll be getting a 7% raise. Yipee! That's in addition to our normal raise of 3-3.5% that happens in March. That works out to be about $1.50 more an hour.

I also recently received a raise at my second job. So together, this is really good.

Yesterday I put in for a library job, a job at the place I work my second job, and then today put in an application at a local gas station for a potential third job. Wish me luck in the job hunting. My goal is to be working SOMEWHERE (or group of SOMEWHERES) 40-50 hours per week by the beginning of the year.

And yes, I know I should have done this two years ago.

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