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Thursday, December 08, 2005

It is very, very quiet

We have a two-day lecture going on at work, which means clinic is shut down and there is consequently not a lot of action going on, which gives a lot of us time to catch up on other projects. In the library, they're painting. It amazes me what a great job the guys do. No taping, no dropcloths, but no mess. I don't know how they do it. It's the first time the library's been painted in thirteen years, so it definitely needed it. They switched from an off-grey to an off-white, and it looks brighter in here already. The guys are out pre-salting the parking lot (we have a winter storm with up to 6-10 inches of snow possible on its way), but they should be able to finish painting today. Yay.

Today's Secret Santa gift is shiny, and I got a glass mosaic candle lamp to go with the red tealights I received yesterday. I really like it. So far my Secret Santa has been just right on with things I enjoy. Since most of the girls are attending the lecture, I was able to deliver mine easily this morning, too. :)

Yesterday I went to the doctor and she increased my ADDerall to 30 mg and kept me on the lower dose of Abilify for now. I don't go back for two months, so we're in a maintenance phase now, apparently. Today I find out when I'll have my wisdom teeth out and start the new job at the gas station, plus it's payday. Double yay, even if it all goes to housing.

I sat down the other night and worked out a budget for the next six months, when I'll pay what bills, etc. I think with the three jobs I'll be able to make it on about $1200 a month and maybe even save a little each month.

I just got my paycheque and there's a mistake on it, so I'll sign off and go see about working that out. Have a good day.

PS Apparently there was an accidental third deduction for AAA. They're going to try to cut me a refund cheque in the next couple of days since I'm trying to make my rent, rather than put it on the next paycheque. Yay. Have I mentioned that in general I love working at the hospital? There's not a lot of bureaucracy to go through and since we're relatively small, you get to know just about everyone, at least on first shift. The layoff is really the only bad thing about working here, and it's been long enough that I've come to terms with that.

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