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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Santa, Baby

The folks at the public broadcasting station I work at sure know how to have fun. I went in for my paycheque (so it all went to rent, but I'm paid up, yay) and they had Santa on a sleigh (a flatbed hand truck that had been decorated) complete with elves and a reindeer delivering the cheques. Also, since it's a state job, I 1) get the day before and the day after Christmas/New Year's weekends as holidays, and 2) our next paycheque, which would usually be the 30th, will come right before Christmas instead. Anyway, Santa came in time for me to get my cheque, pay my apartment complex, and get to work. Thanks, Santa, Baby.

This place is always one for food, there's often potluck lunches, etc., but around the holidays it's even more so. I overheard someone who had it right, 'there's always food around here, you just have to know where to look'. Maybe I should be glad I don't work full-time, or I'd probably be even more roly-poly. And they're very giving. There's a tree which allows you to sponsor a family by giving gifts they need. There's always something going on to unite the different departments, too. This month there was a wreath contest, secret Santas, etc. It's nice to know they can get the job done but have fun doing it. It's never a chore to come into there.

Speaking of eating, today is the holiday dinner at the hospital where people bring in desserts and we get a free meal, for which since I am now officially broke until next Wednesday, I am very happy. Fortunately I still have a little on the gift card to get groceries if I need to, and I should have a little help with gas.

I''m amazed that we're this far into the season and I'm still in a holiday spirit. Of course, I haven't been near a mall. Nothing kills my holiday spirit like a mall.

That's it. I just wish I remembered what I told a friend I'd be getting him for Christmas. Dratted memory. Now he expects it and I haven't any idea what it was, beyond a book at a gaming store. Do you know how many gaming books there are out there? I definitely need to go by the store and see if my memory jogs.

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