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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy Yuletide

Today is the winter solstice (summer for those of you Down Under, of course, but winter here, anyway), a time when in the midst of the cold and dark we celebrate the rebirth of the sun, the coming of warmth, and the promise that new growth will begin.

Strange and yet somehow fitting that I stumbled upon an obituary for my cousin's mother-in-law today of all days. She died just a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for their address so I could send a holiday card, and instead found this.

This is a particularly rough time of year for those who have lost loved ones, for it is a time where families come together. I know it must be difficult for Lisa and her children at this time, and that saddens me.

We are such fragile creatures. Violeta Warner was four years younger than my own mother. As we go into the holiday, I think I will be more grateful for the time we have together as a result.

Think about those you love. Now imagine that one day they were gone. What would you like to tell them? Would you like one last chance to be with them? Carry that with you into the holiday, and don't let all the little things that build up at this time and cause stress and anxiety to matter. What matters is being together, telling someone how much you love him or her, and spending each moment as if it were the last.

And in the meantime, the circle turns, and as dark as it is, as cold and drear, we know the sun will return, warmth will cause things to blossom, and life will renew. And so it is with our loved ones, as well.

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