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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'm listening to the blues

I got a collection of various blues greats for my Secret Santa gift today (the theme was soft, and as she put it, these songs are soft, smooth, and blue.) :) I love blues but don't really have much beyond Marc Broussard, so this is great. Yesterday's theme was sweet; I got some Heath bars, my favourite candy. This is fun. So is dodging the person I have, trying to deliver her presents in secret. And one of the girls who isn't doing the gift thing has been recruited as an elf to help keep the secret, so she's having fun, too. I think I may know who mine is...but it could just be someone who talked to the person. We'll see. I'm enjoying being a Secret Santa, too. And I'm glad that mine took a different tack on soft because I did too, though I won't say what I got for the person here for now just in case one of the girls reads this.

I'm still very much in the holiday mood. I have a tree on my desk quietly twinkling (I usually do still lights with twinkling ones). I've sent almost all of my holiday cards out, which is so rare that my relatives will be very surprised.

I've confirmed my appointment with the oral surgeon, so I'm a step closer to having my wisdom teeth out.

Today I have an interview at the gas station for a job and I went ahead and wore a dress and my new pumps, which have a higher heel on them then I've ever worn (about 2 inches). So I'm getting used to walking in heels and it's a little disconcerting. It's okay if I don't think about it. Remember, I never really got the Girl Handbook. :)

Oh, and N sent me a quiz with a slightly evil twist. You fill out information about your current and first crush, and it asks some rather personal questions (like how often you masturbate and whether you are attracted to the same sex, and what celebrities you'd have a three-way with). Then instead of giving you some thing about your sex and love life, it e-mails the info to the person who sent it to you. It's a little embarrassing, but not too bad. Of course, I'm pretty open about my sex life (or lack thereof). My three-way, incidentally, was David Duchovny and Catherine Zeta-Jones. :) Anyway, if this sounds fun to you, you can get your friends to fill it out by going to http://www.crush007.com/ and following the directions there.

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