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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I really enjoyed the holiday

And I didn't do too badly with my list from November, especially as only one gift was a direct result of reading it online.

Okay, it's really not about things, but I'm including this catalogue anyway.

Things I gave: a multipurpose massage pillow (A), a UK women's basketball media guide (A), a massaging cushion for home or car (J), lead crystal hurricanes and peppermint candles (MC), a bath set (M), popcorn/puzzle set (D&E), a book (Y), tiny one-certificate-per-day-of-Hanukkah gift certificates to a favourite store (Y), 3 videos (Y), a dream journal (DD), a blank book (B), and for my Secret Santa, a melts warmer, some bath lotion, a picture frame, a candle holder and candle, and some chocolate covered cookie bars. All things considered, I did really well, and I didn't go over $150 for everyone which if you include the little $1 gifts for the Secret Santa averages out to be about a little over $6 per gift, but everyone got something pretty nice and and I think they liked them, and I was able to give without any real money stress thanks to the timing of my cheque and a gift card to Wal-Mart from the hospital.

Things I got: A gift certificate to Joseph-Beth and a Li'l Cthulhu desk calendar (Y&A), a fruit basket and money I used to buy a very professional looking briefcase/purse (MC) and shoes for interviews, money I used for a really nice meal at Joe Bologna's including homemade carrot cake (D&E), money I'm using for a digital camera and car tyre (M&J), a velvet box with a black Bast cat statuette and blue-white Bast statuette pendant (B), and a Goddess of Willendorf double-sided bead (my boss at the television station). Things I got from my Secret Santa: Heath bars, several blues CDs, tealights, a red mosaic tealight holder with shade, and a hat/gloves/scarf set.)

But best of all was the time I was able to spend with people over the holiday. I really enjoyed it. I had a wonderful time at our Secret Santa party. I had a very nice meal with friends. I spent Christmas with my family. I played in the game the day after Christmas. It's been a good time of just being with others. I hope your holiday was nice, too.

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