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Thursday, December 01, 2005

I'm feeling better

but I'm still going through cough drops like they're candy and occasionally trying to hack up a lung. I'm so stuffy I'm not sleeping well, but otherwise I think the creeping crud is winding down.

On another note, today Cerys and Darius are in the bedroom because the landlords are doing an annual inspection. I haven't had a chance to tackle the closet that suffered so from the air conditioner back up (not my fault, but I get to do the cleanup, and I'm very allergic to mould, so I've put it off). So they may be in for a surprise. The house is looking pretty good, except I need to work on the bedroom and getting clothes out of hampers and into drawers (the problem of using your closets to store books) :). But I did go ahead and take the trash out and vaccuum this morning. It's not like I could sleep anyway. Well, that's enough for now, time to go to work.

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