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Monday, April 04, 2005

Today was great

as a birthday do-over. The weather was lovely. We went out to Oasis at lunch for a Mediterranean buffet. I could live off falafel! Then we had ice cream when I got off work, English toffee flavour (my favourite). I got a nifty fabric and dried flowers box with a ginger candle and a gas card from Speedway (much appreciated, given that we're currently at $2.34 a gallon here).

We didn't manage to get to the bookstore, but we'll try again tonight. I'm debating...on the one hand the one thing I could use but have never managed to get myself is a yoga mat, which they sell, but I'd rather get a book...I just don't know what I'd like. Maybe a CS Lewis collection or other boxed series from my childhood. Maybe finally I should read the Wizard of Oz books? (All of them). I don't know.

PS The library has been battling leaks from a distressed roof, now I have ants. I'm beginning to feel like the plagues of Aegypt are upon us. Hmmmmm....

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