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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Going back into therapy, hopefully

Today I went to an intake interview at the Harris Centre, the same place I did my DBT group a couple of years ago. This time I'm looking for an individual therapist who's versed in DBT skills. I do best with cognitive rather than talk therapy, but there's a lot of issues I've never really been able to explore in therapy, mainly root causes. As the interviewer put it, we'd been working on putting out fires and now I'd like to go to the source of the blaze. Here's hoping things will go well. They're not covered by insurance but there is a sliding scale, so I hope it won't be too expensive. My reimbursement account will cover it, but it's having the solvency to be able to make payments in the first place I'm worried about. I started my day out with nearly four hundred dollars and after paying two bills that absolutely had to be paid I had enough for a little gas and some peanut butter, cheese, and bread. I get paid tomorrow a little bit. I hope it's enough for my medicine, since I couldn't get it today. I also owe the state a little money, and that should be sent in tomorrow, but if it comes down to it, the state can wait a couple of weeks and I'll pay the interest; my medicine is more important.

Today is beautiful outside, and even though I've spent a lot of it driving about and doing errands, I have enjoyed it. I'm taking some time to decompress, since I had gone for a week straight without some alone time and was becoming annoying as a result. Tonight I'm doing some laundry (ah, clean clothes at last, and clean sheets, the cats having evilly hacked up on my pillow and sheet when I got up briefly a couple of nights ago). I'm also going to read a little Amelia Peabody and work on my latest Exquisite Corpse (this time I get to finish one, rather than start it).

Well, that's enough for now. I really just came by the library to see if that book was in. It's not. Good night. :)

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