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Saturday, April 02, 2005

I'd like to say

that today, my birthday, was fun. It wasn't. I couldn't sleep due to allergies, felt awful this morning, had the weather turn cold, blustery, with a wind that cut right through you, and then my horrendous memory messed up on the time I was supposed to be somewhere so I didn't get to go do something I'd been looking forward to all week. Plus, at 38, I'm seriously considering having a mid-life crisis, even if it is a little early. (Most of them seem to come between 30-40 anyway.)

The good news is that Monday will be a do-over of sorts. The weather is supposed to be nice (my mood is often a barometer of the weather outside), we're celebrating my birthday at work, and then I'll get to go out to Joseph-Beth like originally planned. Here's to Monday!

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