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Friday, April 29, 2005

Thank you

to the person who sent me $20 in the mail, a reader of this blog. I didn't catch it in my stack of papers until today (a shame, as it would have made my day when I was so down yesterday), and it was a total surprise. It did, however, make my day today. You see, I broke down last night and got some groceries but felt guilty for overspending...this will offset that. So in essence, the $20 went to some much needed food. Yay!

(I know, obviously from my picture it's not like I'm skin and bones. But you can still be fat and not be eating well.)

I feel better, having eaten fruit for the first time in a couple of weeks and having the prospect of some veggies, too. Funny, I brought peanut butter for lunch today--after becoming so tired of it--but it's peanut butter AND an apple, and nice, nutty multigrain bread rather than the squishy stuff that doesn't stay with you, so I'm looking forward to my meal. I'll add some pretzels or chips and it will quite nummy and filling. Plus, I had breakfast. This morning I had raisin bran, a banana, and some cheese. Yay, food.

I also got my medicine (the paroxetine/Paxil) last night, since it's only $7. I'm debating on going ahead and getting the Abilify (it's $45) and then putting in for a reimbursement. It might mean being a tiny bit late on a small part of the rent, but it might be worth it, and I'll get paid soon after my rent is due. The reimbursement takes awhile, a little over a week, which can be an issue when you're out of money and desperately waiting for the cheque, but at least it saves me in the long run since the money that's withheld from my cheque is pre-tax money. As far as being without my meds, generally I've been okay, although I can definitely tell a difference without the medicine. But going very long without my meds is probably not a good idea. The pharmacist said I was probably alright in terms of serum levels being low but that I wouldn't have to start to build up all over again, so that's good. I also need to see about getting back on my metformin for my blood sugar; obviously I need something more than just my diet to keep it level.

It's been a very long week, and as difficult as it's been for me, I've had it pretty decent compared to some others who have been in my thoughts, so I don't want to come off as whinging. It's just, well, this is my diary, and I hadn't really realised until this week how difficult things were in terms my blood sugar and how I felt. It snuck up on me, you see.

But enough about that. Today's much better, despite the dreary weather. It's almost Beltane, and despite some cool weather it'll improve quickly. I have a roof over my head, I'm signing a new lease soon, and my money situation should improve soon due to the upcoming phoneathon. Put that together with my meds and life should be good again soon.

I've also managed to get some rest. That's helped a great deal. I'm knitting with a mohair-like yarn and it's a little different in how it handles from the others I've tried. I find knitting fairly restful, although I'm not particularly good at it, yet. I think I need some input from other knitters. Fortunately one of my coworkers has helped me out and showed me some of the techniques. Sometimes we bring our yarn and knit during lunch together. That's fun. (I know at least one reader who will not agree, but I've discovered that as long as I'm not trying something new or complicated knitting is the best way to wind down for sleep for me.)

Well, that's enough for now; time to clock in for work...I have a meeting as soon as I go in. Have a good weekend.

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