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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I'm looking over my goals and:

The dieting certainly didn't work. I was supposed to lose 20 lbs by dieting starting July 1. I did lose 10 lbs, but that was mainly from being poor. Still have to work on the whole willpower thing with the dieting. I also haven't been walking or really keeping track of my progress.

I have been taking my medications regularly.

I haven't managed to save, and the budget plan was short-lived. I did, however, create a budget and am staying in it for now, and paying small amounts on my debts.

I have written some but not regularly, haven't been to any art exhibits or concerts, and I've only knitted or done crafts a little. Except for the month of September, I have been playing in the game and have increased my participation and depth.

I have been doing yoga 4-5 times a week and performing monthly libations, but still no daily breathing exercises or logs. Can you see a trend in logging stuff tends to fall by the wayside? Really, until I started keeping this blog, I couldn't keep a journal, because I'd mess up and it wouldn't be perfect, then start again. OCD. That and I don't have the attention span to make sure I do it daily when writing. Oddly enough, I can do it with the computer.

What else? In the being a friend category, September was pretty much a bust for in-depth discussions but otherwise I spoke with each friend, did things for people, and encouraged someone once a week. Actually, I managed to do the latter two even during September, for the most part. I didn't write my familyevery week but I have been in closer contact with them.

So, it's mixed. According to my social skills book, it's better to focus on one specific goal at a time, so maybe I was overly ambitious. I think my goal for this month will be to work on my appearance. I don't often wear makeup or fix my hair, so I look like I literally went out the door straight from the shower (because I did). That's doable, and is concrete, but has no universal 'every day' to cause me automatically fail if I don't do it every time. The rest of the points for improvement are still in the back of my mind though, so hopefully I'll pay more attention to cues during conversations. I just know that a lot of times I feel awkward in small groups (never mind big ones, where I feel downright claustrophobic). I do better one-on-one, but there are more distractions when you have several people talking together. So hopefully that will get a little better.

That's all for now. Sorry I didn't do everything I said I would; the intentions were good but the actions to follow through are a challenge for me. But eventually I want to improve in those areas, it just may take longer than I thought to begin with.

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