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Monday, October 31, 2005

The end is within sight

I have three shelves left of the regular collection to catalogue. After that, I'll reconcile the database I have so that any books that were missing when I catalogued the ones on the shelf will get into the catalogue, too. It's always challenging to keep books under supervision in a hospital, because it requires 24-hour access and half the time it seems like people just walk out with a book without signing the card. But on the other hand, traditional non-theft devices don't work because the books do need to go out when there's no one here to watch. I'm only in the library four hours a day, so that makes it harder. I know my database has over 800 books and I'll be up around 600 when I'm finished. A lot of books went to the family resource centre, so that's not necessarily a lot of missing books. But it is frustrating to try to keep up with them. After I finish with the main books, there's a range of special collections and the family resource centre books to do.

The Snow White costume came out pretty well. I did my makeup this morning and the wig is a little scratchy but otherwise looks good with my skin. The dwarves and evil queen look great, too. I really love the caps that U made.

Well, it's lunchtime and we're celebrating one of the girls' birthday with Panera. Yummy broccoli cheddar soup for me, and a half sandwich with artichokes. :) I'll write later.

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