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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Paxil Use in Early Pregnancy May Cause Birth Defects

According to a Medscape article (available for viewing with free registration), a retrospective company study suggests an increase in overall malformations with Paxil/paroxetine taken during the first trimester, most commonly cardiovascular malformations such a ventricular septal defects.

That's a little scary. I'm not in any danger of being pregnant at the moment, but that means if I do plan to have a child I'll have to go off the Paxil before the pregnancy, which means I'll either have to find an alternative (and Paxil has helped me so much, especially with my OCD) or go off medication entirely, which could make for an interesting pregnancy in and of itself.

Anyway, women on Paxil should discuss with their doctors the risks of Paxil and pregnancy, so I wanted to pass this on.

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