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Thursday, October 13, 2005

'I'm out of my mind; please leave a message'

I saw that on a t-shirt the other day, and I love it. Actually, I'm feeling pretty good, although I'm a bit sleepy, having stayed up to about 3 am working on a project that had to be completed by today. Whew! I don't know how D, who has a baby, manages to stay up all hours and still function.

Last night I moved my BuSpar to only at night since I was getting a little sleepy in the mornings when I took it with the ADDerall. The doctor also had me double the dose of ADDerall, and today's the first day for that.

Things are going pretty well for me. I managed to keep some money on hand for necessities right up to payday (today), and then will pay my rent with that and my cheque from tomorrow at the second job. I'm not sure how that one will be, so I don't know how close it will be for the next couple of weeks. I'm also getting a reimbursement from my flexible spending, though, and that should ensure I can get meds for the next time as needed.

One of the benefits I'm going to take advantage of with AAA is a gas card that works at Superamerica/Speedway stations. You charge the card with whatever amount you want, and then you save 4% on gas and anything from the store. That works out right now to about 10 cents a gallon. This is in addition to the Speedy Rewards card that the stations have, which usually take about 2 cents a gallon off. We're also trying to group trips and limit any unnecessary idling or trips. I'm sure everyone else is doing that too. On the good side, gas in Lexington is about $2.59 at the moment, lower than it's been in awhile.

What else? Oh, I saw the therapist yesterday and she asked me to journal. I told you that already. I haven't started it yet (I came in so late last night, I just crashed, and didn't even change into sleeping clothes), but I'll try to start tonight. One thing I need to remember is a boundary issue...when I'm out at a store with people I keep coming up to them and showing them things I think they'll like. It's apparently damn annoying. And they can tell me to cool it; I just keep doing it. I don't know if its anxiety being out in a public place or some sort of attention thing. I suspect it's a mix. I'm good at finding things for people (hence the choice of career) and I enjoy doing it, but I find that the only way to really look and shop for myself is to go by myself; otherwise I'm trying to get some sort of points or something. I assume what I think is interesting they will too. I fully expect next time I do it to be embarrassed in public because I had to admit that would probably be the only thing that would get me to stop. 'Leave me alone you crazy woman, I don't even know you!' But I am going to try before it gets to that point.

Well, that's enough for now. Have a good Yom Kippur (happy isn't so much the word, I know) if you happen to be Jewish. Hope you have a lovely meal after sunset. Time to hit the books and catalogue away.

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