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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A mental health day

Yep, I was off work, so that I could go to two different mental health appointments. In the first my psychiatrist upped my prescription of ADDerall, since I've seen an improvement in terms of productivity and focus. In the second, I met my therapist and we had a good first session. She wants me to journal beyond this blog--to write about the the things I either can't or won't share with the world on this site. In the past I'd say I couldn't do it; I've never been good with paper journals. But now, with all the experience I have with this, and then with the OCD and ADD under control, I think I have a shot. I even have a purple velvet spiral notebook perfect for the assignment. That way, if I mess up, I tear out a page, and all is forgiven. (I hate messing up bound books. If anyone ever gives me a journal, make sure it's spiral bound, no matter how much prettier the others can be.)

Well, that's it. I'm just checking in whilst a page full of many, many previously broken links finishes validating. Bye for now.

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