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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Halloween 2016

Here I am at the hospital I work at's Halloween Trick or Treat, where staff dress up and patients come around to the various departments. It was fun. I went as a library science student from Miskatonic University (the fictional college in HP Lovecraft's horror fiction in the equally fictional Arkham, Massachusetts). I had a plush Hound of Tindalos, a book-shaped box labeled 'Necronomicon', my MU School of Library Science t-shirt, and a tote bag with the MU Orne Library logo on it. Dr. Armitage would be proud. Oh, and did I mention light-up tentacles on a headband? Definitely have read the wrong books. There's also a closeup of the tentacles and Hound of Tindalos, and my props out in the hallway before the kids came by. The skeleton is the library's Old Charlie.

[picture above taken by Morgan Hall of Shriners Hospital for Children].

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