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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

I love my bread machine

It's a Panasonic,  and with the exception of one time when I made a mistake,  the bread comes out perfectly without fuss.  It has a yeast dispenser on top that puts the yeast in at just the right time.

I'm feeling pretty decent today.  Instead of the normal pain and numbness in my arm,  neck,  and shoulders,  I feel a bit sore,  like when you're in a minor car accident. I have PT again tomorrow.  Yay!

Today I reviewed a bunch of abstracts (well,  eleven)  for the upcoming annual meeting of the Medical Library Association, and I updated that on my curriculum vitae.  I had trouble getting into the system yesterday,  but fortunately my new computer at work has Chrome and Firefox in addition to Internet Explorer,  so all I had to do was change browsers.  In my opinion,  the main reason to have IE is to download other browsers.

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