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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Well, the closet so far is a success

There were gaming and older books from the early- to mid-twentieth century in there.  Roughly two-thirds of them are now in an overflowing box to be taken to YKWIA's and,  if he's not interested in them,  to the Lexington Public Library.  That leaves some comics to go through and a shelf of collectible cards,  including a complete set of 'X-Files' cards from 1996 that can be sold to a collectibles store or put on eBay. All in all,  I think it was successful.  The gaming books were the hardest to part with,  but I was brutal,  and really asked myself which I might ever really need.  The other books were easier....Will I ever read The Five Little Peppers?  I kept a few, like Black Beauty,  which I adore and might read again happily.  But Nancy Drew and the Boxcar Children went.

The idea is to,  after the closet books are taken care of, begin weeding other shelves to make room for those books.  The shelves in the closets,  which are metal, can then be taken out  and either be put to better use or gotten rid of.  I may use them for plants in the living room,  if I can put them so they don't actually block the windows. Or they may go in the walk-in closet for small items that can survive if the ceiling,  where the air conditioner pan is,  leaks. We'll see.

So I've read,  listened to music,  relaxed,  made bread,  and worked on the books.  I've also been online a bit,  blogging and going on Facebook and Habitica.  I'm going to try to contribute in Habitica by answering questions and the like for newer folks. I've joined guilds for people interested in contributing to the site.

Okay,  I think I'll do a little more reading--lighter stuff this time. I am also charging my tablet after finally finding the cord during an intensive search.  :)  One of these days my house will be as organised for myself as much as I organise other people's collections.

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