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Sunday, November 27, 2016

It's the last of a long weekend

and it was a very pleasant day. I went over and cleaned my friend's house, and although I brought my laundry over, he wanted to hold off on that so he could take a shower, which didn't materialise before I left, so I'm going to do mine and his tomorrow evening after physical therapy, if I can. I left the clothes over there. I'm still good on clean clothes, after all, although sadly, my belt that I've had for something like 30 years old (and is technically three sizes too small, but it's one of those braided leather belts, so they stretch and can be put through the braid) is finally fraying to the point where I don't think jeans or my belted pants are an option. I found one in my size, non-braided, but with a double tang, for $9 at Amazon, so I ordered it. It's not eligible for two-day shipping through Prime, but the shipping was free if I waited till December 2nd through 8th. So my old belt just has to last till then, hopefully. I haven't been able to find anything suitable locally for less than $30 or $40, so I'm hoping this will work.

I also have a wallet case coming for the new phone and a fast-charging car charger, since the S7 has that capability, and I'd rather use a Samsung charger than a third-party one. But both were less than $10 each, so I thought I did alright.

I went out just a little while ago, feeling the need to stretch my legs, and I went to Rite Aid to get a sharps container (well, two, really, but they only had one out on the shelf). I also got toilet paper and some paper towels, because I hadn't gotten them in awhile and only had toilet paper because YKWIA had given me some.

I texted my stepfather about my mom today but haven't heard back. I guess no news is good news. I'll call tomorrow if I don't hear from him.

I got home about 6 or 7 this evening and have just kind of relaxed. I did fall asleep for about an hour, but got up and completed my goals for steps and activity level by going out. Tonight I have to get A at midnight, and then I need to go in just a little bit early at work because I have a 5:20 pm appointment with PT, and I have to pick up YKWIA on the way, which is a lot to do when you normally get off work 20 minutes before the appointment. I'm doing much better pain-wise; right now I'd say my pain is about a 3, and that's at the end of the day. I actually took my heating pad back over to YKWIA's so he could use it, as I haven't been. I'm moving much better as a result, which is good, because I have some materials on my table at work that really need to be moved, and I've been avoiding it until the flareup subsides. I also want to work on the house some, weeding books, this week, and maybe put up the holiday tree sometime, maybe into next weekend. I definitely want to get it up before my procedure, so I don't have to fool with it then.

Okay, I guess I could go look at the news for a bit--A is supposed to call me in a half-hour or so. Just from what I've gleaned from notifications on my phone, it sounds like Trump is tweeting madly as usual. It amazes me that anyone his age could act the way he does and not get a stern talking-to by an aide or publicist. But I guess when you have that much money, people tell you whatever you want to hear, which disturbs me in terms of the coming four years. Throwing a tantrum every time someone does or says something you don't like is not a way to 'lead the free world', and he's going to have to grow a much thicker skin to succeed as president. I mean, look at all Obama has put up with for eight years. But the man has dignity, which is something I think Trump will never have.

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