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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Feeling kind of blah today

I've mostly been cleaning YKWIA's house, even though there was no game, and doing my laundry. He's been working very diligently on a project on the computer, so we didn't really spend much time together today. When I finished, I went on home. I'm aching in general, my neck, shoulder, and arm is hurting, and I'm feeling a little oversensitive emotionally, maybe due to my hormones.

So I came home and immediately started putting flour and other ingredients into the bread machine for oat bread, scrambled some eggs, and made some hot chocolate. I feel a little better. There's not much in the house, other than pasta, crackers, peanut butter, and that sort of thing, but it hit the spot. When the bread is finished I'll have some peanut butter and jam on it. It should be ready by 8 pm.

I talked to my mom today. She'd just been discharged from the hospital, and her little dog, Sassy, seemed to be enjoying her being back home. It was hard to understand her and be understood, but I gather than in addition to the other things she seems to have broken her shoulder, although I don't know how. I'll check with my stepfather and see what's going on. But she clearly said something about a broken shoulder, and that they were seeing a specialist tomorrow.

The bread machine has stopped its kneading, which means it's safe to leave rising and baking (my machine 'walks' a bit, and I'm always afraid it'll go off the kitchen island if I don't keep an eye on it). I think I'm going to go put some music on and lie down for a bit. I just realised I have a headache, too. I think some ibuprofen is in order. I'll try to write later. Hopefully I'll feel better then. I have to get A tonight from work at midnight, so I can't take the muscle relaxants yet, so ibuprofen will have to do. But I think just lying down and stretching out should help.

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