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Thursday, November 17, 2016


My internet connexion is running slow as molasses. I can't tell if it's the connexion, actually, or the computer, but hopefully I can get a post written.

I applied for each of the two part-time jobs at the public library today, tweaking my résumé [I seem to be doing that constantly] and writing a cover letter. The jobs are identical, and in the same area, except for the schedule, so I went ahead and wrote one cover letter to cover both, but applied for each separately, so that I would be considered for both. It occurred to me after I applied that I had agreed tentatively to be a resource person for an upcoming Family-to-Family class sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, but that had been with the understanding that if I got a job, I might have to drop out, so I think it'll be okay. Only one of the positions is on Wednesday evenings, at least. The other varies on Thursday. The application period closes on November 25th, so I should hear something within a couple of weeks after that.

I am home, straight from work (for a change). I started out by unloading the dishwasher and loading it, and then washing the plastics and a few of the other dishes that suggest hand washing, like my cookware. I discovered that, while my left sink works fine, the right is clogged, and the switch for the garbage disposer (which I use only rarely) does nothing. So, I called, expecting to get a recording at the leasing office, got the agent, and put in a work order request that they'll do tomorrow. But at least I could wash my dishes.

So, after that I washed some basmati rice and I'm letting it soak for 30 minutes, which is what the directions say--I've never done that before, and instead I've just cooked it like regular rice. I have some Navratan Korma from Kitchens of India that is ready-made that can go with it, and there's small naan I got awhile back that once thawed can go in the toaster, so I have a nice Indian meal planned. Navratan Korma is a dish of vegetables cooked with cashews and Indian cottage cheese in a curry sauce. It looks very yummy.

While the rice is soaking, I've got the windows up, I've watered the houseplants, and I'm listening to the Evanescence station on Pandora on the television. I think I'll read after I eat, at least for awhile. I'm slowly working my way through Aristotle's Ethics, and I have The Other Wind by Ursula K LeGuin checked out from the library on my Kindle, as well. Part of me wants to take a nap, but the last two nights that's turned into sleeping for hours instead of just a quick nap. So, I'm going to resist. I have an empty box, and I think I'm going to start some of the weeding of books in the closet, which is my assignment for therapy. I see my counselor again Monday, so that will work. I could work on the game notes, but it's not especially imperative that I get them done yet--Brenda's out of the state for the next couple of weeks. I do hope she can get back before my procedure, which is three weeks away, as she is my driver, but I'll understand if she has to stay. I'm not sure whom else I can get, though, as most of my close friends do not drive. One time when I had a colonoscopy and she had a conflict, she had her husband drive me. Maybe that would work. I don't know. Considering it's a female issue, I'd feel a little more comfortable with her as my 'responsible adult' to give me information they pass on while I'm loopy from the medicine. But we'll see. Anyway, I've got plenty to do at home tonight. The trash and recyclables are fine, at least. I have the happy star fairy lights on and a scent warmer for scented wax as well. It's very dark already; it's hard to believe it's only 6 pm.

Okay, I'm going to check the rice. The timer hasn't gone off yet, but I suspect it will very soon (and there it goes as I type). :) I also plan on making some bread tonight, after the measuring cups and spoons dry. I'm getting low on yeast, but I think I have enough for a loaf or two, still. Hopefully I can stretch it out. I don't get paid for another week, have a fairly empty cupboard, and I'm low on gas in the car. I may have to borrow a bit from my friends whom I drive everywhere to get through to next week on the latter.

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