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Friday, November 04, 2016

Things I did today

  1. Worked steadily in the library, taking care of everything I needed to finish before the weekend, including my revenue cycle duties, but also interlibrary loans, etc.
  2. Took a friend to a doctor's appointment.
  3. Got my allergy shots.
  4. Took my friend to Barnes & Noble.
  5. Dropped two books off at the library.
  6. Renewed another.
  7. Helped my friend find some paperwork.
  8. Came home.
  9. Opened the windows.
  10. Changed clothes into something comfy.
  11. Started making bread in the machine.
  12. Cooked macaroni & cheese and made hot chocolate.
  13. Consumed both.
  14. Turned on the star fairy lights and skull diffuser.
  15. Started playing Depeche Mode in the living room.
  16. Applied for a job.
  17. Updated my résumé on Indeed.com.
It's been a productive day. Now, to relax and let bread bake (it's an extra-large loaf of wheat bread. I used the oil option rather than the applesauce, because that's what I had. Hopefully it will come out alright).

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