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Sunday, November 27, 2016

I've been recuperating from Thanksgiving

We put so much effort into the meal, and it turned out great, but I think we all (or at least the two people making the meal) had to relax a little over the next couple of days to fully recharge. I simply do not understand how people make Thanksgiving happen and then go out for Black Friday (or even on Thursday) and shop like mad. I don't do that. One, I do not have the stamina (if it's shop till you drop, I'd drop easily enough, at least after three days of Thanksgiving preparations), and two, I hate crowds. Absolutely. Especially crowds behaving badly. So my Friday morning was a matter of sleeping in, and then I went about 1 pm and picked a friend up and took him somewhere, and then returned home and relaxed. About 5:30 pm, I was having trouble with my phone, a two-and-a-half-year-old Samsung Galaxy S5 (the battery was finally starting to give out--it wasn't charging well, might even have been overcharging, and when trying to get into it at full charge, or sometimes at other times, the screen was flashing green, and then nothing; it was also turning itself off at 17%). I was considering going out to Batteries Plus and checking out the new batteries, but I stopped by T-Mobile instead, thinking they could at least verify what I thought was happening. They're in the same area anyway, maybe a few yards from one another.

Turns out T-Mobile was having a trade-in special to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S7 or iphone 7 for Black Friday. With the credit from my phone, which was in very good shape otherwise (just missing that stupid charging door, which had fallen off a mere two weeks or so ago), I just had to pay $8 down and will have to add $5 to my phone bill for awhile. Not bad, really. The majority was given as a credit on my next bill, the rest as a credit for the equipment charge, hence the $5 per month rather than the usual $15 or $20. I went ahead and had them put a screen protector on and got a couple of cases while I was there. They added that to the the equipment charge, bringing up to just over $5, and I paid another $6 or so out-of-pocket. Not bad for a $684 phone plus about $60 worth of accessories, really. So even though I don't 'do' Black Friday, I saved quite a bit.

They transferred some things (pictures, contacts, etc.) from one phone to the other, transferred my microSD card (which the S6 did not support, which is why I didn't upgrade before--there's a little tool that you use to open the drawer, actually, which was a little odd), and then they wiped the old phone while I looked on. The whole process took a little under an hour. They didn't go ahead and transfer applications, because I had over 400, but I went into the 'my app' area of Google Play and got the ones I wanted back, then got a couple I have through Samsung, and some from Amazon that had been on the old one. So a lot of last night was geeking about and setting up my new phone.

Today I went over early to YKWIA's because he had a vet appointment, so we loaded up the dogs and went up the road to the clinic. They got a great check up, he picked up some heartworm/flea medicine, and we brought them back. We hung out, watched a little 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' ('The Magnificent Ferengi', a great episode), and some other videos, took a nap at one point, and then I got a call from the hospital in the town where my mom lives that she'd been brought in by the EMS and they needed permission to treat. I gave it, then tried to find my step-father, as they said no one was there with her and they couldn't reach him. I even had the police there do a wellness check on him, as his health isn't great, and I thought maybe someone else had called the rescue squad and he didn't know what was going on. But they told me he had been the one to call, so we figured he was probably there and the hospital hadn't realised it.

I went to the store to pick up some things for both YKWIA and myself and to get more containers for the soup and salad I forgot the other day for myself and A. We loaded up the containers and I went on home. John, my step-dad, called me, and he'd been at the hospital the whole time and didn't know why they'd called me. We talked and he let me know how things had been going. He'd come on home, so she was doing pretty well for now. She has some chronic health issues that require regular treatments, and the University of Kentucky didn't do them over Thanksgiving, so she missed one, and it caused a flare-up. They just have to get her levels back down and she should be okay (for now). But she'd been in the hospital just two weeks ago, for the same thing, so that's troubling. Last year she spent most of the holiday season in the hospital, so it seems to get worse this time of year. I'm going to play it by ear and once the car is fixed this week, I may be able to go down and see her.

Later, the hospital called back, and was asking questions about her medicine, and I pointed out that her husband would know more about that than I; I live in a different city entirely, after all. I mean, I was nice about it, but it's like they're ignoring him or something. Then she said (this was about 9:30 pm), oh, do you think he'd still be up at this time--I hate calling people this late. And I'm thinking, well, you called me. I guess I'm still in the category of young enough that I wouldn't be in bed by 9:30, which is funny, because I was. :) Anyway, I'm glad they did call me. John's good about letting me know when she's having issues, but still. And it would just have delayed her treatment for them to hunt him down, even though according to him, he was sitting in the room with her.

I just got back from giving A a ride home (he gets off work at 1 am on Saturday). He's ecstatic over the University of Kentucky's win over the University of Louisville in football tonight. I don't really get the whole sports thing, really. I gave him his food, saw him to his home, and came on back. Now I think I'll head on to bed. Good night.

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