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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The last two days

I have come home about 8 pm,  gotten ready for bed,  and fallen to sleep,  then was up at 1 am.  Yesterday,  in fact,  I baked bread and boiled eggs in the middle of the night,  and I have been eating on that bounty all day.

Tonight I was at least able to take my medicine that relaxes my neck.  Yesterday I had to be up at 5 am,  so I didn't take them at 1 or 2 since they make me loopy.  As a result,  I've hurt a little all day.  So that wasn't good at all.

The meeting at KMLA was a success.  I've got some interest in my journals,  which need to be decommissioned.  I really got got along well with the librarian who drove us up there; we chatted the whole way up and back,  and she offered help with the physical aspects of packing and breaking up the library,  since I'm on my own for that. People were,  of course,  sympathetic to my situation.  I've known about this for awhile,  and had announced it back some time ago,  but now that it's a reality,  it seems more pressing,  of course.

This morning I got an Indeed alert of a part-time job at the Central Library in the Kentucky Room,  the history centre where people study genealogy and other aspects of Kentucky's past.  I looked into it,  and there are actually two positions.  They are associate positions,  not full professional librarian ones,  but the pay is better than that of some positions I've seen advertised in surrounding counties requiring a Master's degree. Also,  I checked with their human resources department to see if my library degree would,  according to some policy,  disqualify me somehow from consideration, (I saw no reason to waste their time if this were the case), but they just care if the minimum requirements (in this case a Bachelor's degree)  are met.  The only difference between the two positions is the hours, one on Wednesdays,  one on Thursdays.  Otherwise,  they are the same,  working Monday,  Tuesday,  and every other weekend.  I should apply for each position separately to be considered for both,  according to the woman I spoke with.  That would up my chances.  It's a great place to work,  I have a degree in history and a background in preservation and cataloguing,  and it would help with expenses,  allow me to save money before the job loss,  have some money coming in afterwards, and maybe,  just maybe,  get my foot in the door in terms of full-time employment.  So my plan is to apply to both tomorrow.  I don't think it requires certification,  but I'm going to send in my application for that as soon as I get paid,  and that may help.

Wish me luck!

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Bob said...

Good luck!